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I got these amazing Caran D’ache Luminance Colored Pencil Set some time ago. They are some of my favorite and  most cherished color pencils. I love their creamy texture and how I can create color gradients with them.

But there’s a huge problem. I love them so much that I don’t want to use them. So they stayed in their box, and I only too them from there on special occasions. Kind of like the Good China our grandmothers used to get out of the cabinet on Christmas.

But no more. I decided that color pencils should be used, not staying on a box waiting for the perfect moment to be used.

So, I was brave and I took them out of the box and into a container I made for them. Now they are available for me when I need them, and I will use them! Oh yes! Just wait and see!

A new class bundle: ART FOR EARTH

I partnered with for an amazing art bundle to help mother earth and fight climate change.

I’ve been reading and learning a lot about climate change and how it is affecting us, and I have been wondering what I could do to help raise awareness and help the organizations that are trying to do something about it.

And the perfect opportunity came with ART FOR EARTH! My friend Tam Laporte from is organizing an online art event to help and their amazing reforestation work and she invited me to be a part of it. Yay!



On this event, me and 75+ artists are participating with online classes to create a bundle of classes that collectively is worth over $3,000 USD and we will be donating 25% of the proceedings to fight climate change and reforestation efforts.

I am participating with my doll making class: A Doll Story, where you will learn how to make a beautiful hand made, hand painted doll from scratch using humble materials that with the skills I teach you, plus your imagination, will create a unique work of art.

And together with my class, 75+ renowned artists are participating. Imagine that, for the regular price of just my online class you will get much, much more and you are helping heal the earth. Awesome!

The whole bundle is only $99.00 USD and will available for you for a VERY LIMITED time, from 4/3/2019 to 4/9/2019


If you really really love making dolls and you’d like to learn with me, this is the perfect opportunity to enroll on my class and get access to my class and the the lessons of 75+ artists on a one time opportunity. And remember, 25% of the proceedings will go to help fight climate change and protect our beautiful home, planet Earth.

Check out the complete list of classes below and enroll today with THIS link. 

1. NEW – “Mother Nature” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Tamara Laporte
2. NEW – “Beautiful Bugs” (Bonus) (Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Tamara Laporte
3. “Tell It: Collage” (Collage Art Class) with Liz Lamoreux
4. “She Blooms in Ink” (7 week Mixed Media & Inks Art Workshop) by Tamara Laporte
5. “On A Men Hunt” (Online Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Muriel Stegers
6. “Fearless Expression” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) by Annie Hamman
7. NEW “Flamingo Love” (Watercolour Class) with Sally Walsh from Sillier Than Sally
8. “Facing Forward 1” (Mixed Media Art Journalling Workshop) with Effy Wild
9. “Luscious Landscapes” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tracy Verdugo
10. “Be Humble/Be Noble” (A Watercolor Art Workshop) with Sarah Trumpp
11. “Real Time Live with Flora Bowley” (Live Streamed Painting Class)
12. “Faux Encaustics Spring Fling” (An Encausting Workshop) with Dena Adams
13. “Gratitude Journaling 101” (An Art Journalling Workshop) with Kiala Givehand
14. “Birthday Cake” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates
15. “A Walk Down Cherry Street” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates
16. “Lesson 1” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates
17. “Imprinted” (A Gelli Printing Workshop) with Lucy Brydon
18. “Whimsical Watercolors – PAWfect Furry Friends Online Class” with Andrea Gomoll
19. “Earth’s Mother, Mixed Media Art Class” with Melanie Rivers
20. “The Gilded Brush” (A Workshop Inspired by Gustav Klimt) with Ivy Newport
21. “Where Once Was Water” (An Expressive Figurative Painting) with Emma Petitt
22. “Bountiful” Bonus (A Mixed Media Art Class) with Emma Petitt
23. “The Emergency Kit for Artists + Dreamers” with Andrea Schroeder
24. “The Banishing Fairy” (A Mixed Media Art Class) with Renata Loree
25. “Facing Forward 2” (Mixed Media Art Journalling Workshop) with Effy Wild
26. “Remember my song” High Resolution Printable by Annie Hamman
27. “The Secret to Lighting Up Your Life” (Art Journalling Workshop) with Whitney Freya
28. “Weird, Wordy Watercolors” (A Watercolor Art Workshop) with Sarah Trumpp
29. “Rise Above the Master Class” (A Self Coaching Painting Process with Whitney Freya
30. “Paint Buddha” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Whitney Freya
31. “The 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge” with Whitney Freya
32. “Abstract by Design” (Creating Abstract Art) with Ivy Newport
33. “The Magic Forest” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Cristin Chambers
34. “The Princess and the Pea” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates
35. “You Will Find Your Way” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Toni Burt
36. NEW – “I wish, I wish…” (Watercolor and Mixed Media art class) with Mandy van Goeije
37. NEW – “From Wishes to Needs” (Watercolor and Mixed Media art class) with Mandy van Goeije
38. NEW “The Little Big World” bonus e-book by Mandy van Goeije
39. “Between Shadow & Light” (A Portrait Class) with Ivy Newport
40. “Matisse vs Picasso” (Oil or Acrylics Art Class) with Lucy Chen
41. “heART the Earth Printable Coloring Page & Artprint” by Andrea Gomoll
42. “Soulful Shapes” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte
43. “Reflect and Reclaim Your Creative Freedom – 5 Amazing Art Journaling Lessons for Your Heart” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tiare Smith
44. “Seeds of Love” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte
45. “Soup du Jour” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates
46. “I Spy” (A Collage Workshop) with Janet Skates
47. “Fly, Be Free!” (An Abstract Art Workshop) with Janet Skates
48. “Wild Wonder” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Annamieka Davidson
49. “Abundance” High Resolution Printable by Annie Hamman
50. “Drawing Frida – A Pastel Portrait Workshop” with Juna Biagioni
51. NEW – Woodland Magic” (Acrylics Art Workshop) with Katrina Koltes
52. “Woven Dreams” (A Fiber Art Workshop) with Laly Mille
53. “Creative Abundance Guidebook” (E-Book) with Shelley Klammer
54. “Wax On” (Encaustic Monoprints and Watercolor) with Wyanne Thompson
55. “Book of Flow …and so it continues” (Art Journaling E-course) with Jenny Grant
56. NEW “Doll Dreams – Digital coloring book with 15 images” (Colouring Book PDF) by Ady Almanza
57. “Magic Woman” High Resolution Art Print by Ady Almanza
58. “Layered Mandala” (Mixed Media Painting Workshop) with Faith Evans-Sills
59. “Leaf Painting Workshop” with Faith Evans-Sills
60. “Boho Walking” Retro ~60s-70s Art Class (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Pamela Vosseller
61. “The 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge” (Meditation & Watercolour Workshop with Whitney Freya
62. “Painting the Muse” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Alena Hennessy
63. “Transparendipity” (Art Journaling Workshop) with France Papillon
64. “Autumn Fairy” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte
65. “Fall by the River” Mixed Media Landscape Workshop) with Roberta Laliberte
66. NEW “Create a Papercut Effect in Procreate” (Digital Workshop for iPad on ProCreate) with Kathy Glynn
67. “Smallest Acts of Kindness” High Resolution Printable by Annie Hamman
68. “A Doll Story” (Learn How to Create Cloth Dolls Online Class) with Danita Art
69. “Mother Nature” High Resolution Art Print (for personal use) by Tamara Laporte
70. “Nature Collage Sheet” High Resolution PDF by Tamara Laporte
71. “Compassionate Flow: Deer Girl” (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte
72. “Art Journaling & Mixed Media e-course” with Marieke Blokland
73. “Walk Gently Upon the Earth” High Resolution Art Print (for personal use) by Kathy Glynn
74. NEW “Cute Monster Mini Class” (Mixed Media Course in E-book + Video) by Marielle Stolp
75. “Printable Collage Sheet”A collage sheet with cute girlies that can be used in a planner or bullet journal or for card making by Marielle Stolp
76. “A Heart Full of Happy (Mixed Media Art Workshop) with Tamara Laporte
77. “A Walk Down Cherry Street” (A Painting Workshop) with Janet Skates
78. “Daring Adventures in Collage ” (Online Collage Workshop) with Mati Rose McDonough
79. “Starry Eyed” (Large Scale Painting Workshop) with Stephen Lursen
80. “Painted Backgrounds” Printable Mixed Media Collage sheets by Marieke Blokland
81. “Beautiful Bumble Bee” High Resolution Art Print (for personal use) by Tamara Laporte
82. “Our Lady of Abundance” with Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici
83. “A Portrait Course Inspired by Henri Toulouse Lautrec (Mixed Media Art) with Lauren Rudolph


The freedom of being naive.

Children are free, and I want to learn from that freedom!

I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day! Here at home it is a very important date for many reasons, I love the colors, the hearts and all that sticky sweet aura that surrounds the day.

My kids always make us something with their hands and I love the “surprise” because they are always asking for art supplies, they hide to make the gifts and they are constantly asking for advice on how it’s going. I love it.

But what I really, really love is the creative process that kids have. It’s FREE. They draw and paint what they feel, without a care in the world. To them, art is art, and art is beautiful.

My son is still very young, you can see it on his lines and shapes, but in his lack of experience lies a beautiful secret. He knows his limitations and uses them to his advantage without knowing.

He used basic shapes and colors to paint a happy scene. With very few lines he managed to create a very happy scene where we are riding a fox. And if you pay attention, you’ll see that each figure is very distinctive and representative. Very short hair for Mr. Danita, Long hair for me. He’s the one in blue in the bottom, and he’s riding an cupid’s arrow piercing a heart.

I fell in love with the simplicity of this drawing, and how in his naivety, he create a beautiful piece of expressive abstract art.

My daughter is older, almost a tween now, and she is obsessed with Japanese manga and chibi. She is now exploring different media and recently picked up watercolors thanks to a gift from one of my best friends.

She decided to make a fox family for us, and I loved to see her explore the material without a care in the world on how expensive it is, or if the paper will be ruined if she makes a mistake.

The red spot on the fox’s cheek was a paint spill, but she thought quick and turned into an ice cream smear, and then she drew an ice cream on it’s hand.And there’s a lot to learn from these two simple artworks. The freedom they were made with. The lines and themes flow with ease. It takes years of practice to regain that freedom and naivety as an artist, and it was very interesting to see them come to it naturally.

I started thinking, how can I learn to be free? And the answer was lying right on my face. My sketchbooks. I started looking and I realized that I can do it without noticing.

When I am doodling ideas for my next piece, I draw on sketchbooks and I really don’t care too much about them or the materials I use. I just lay done the ideas as they come and the result, like the ones you see here, are free, naive and fun.

I’m at a crossroad here, because my painting is getting more and more complex and detailed, and I’m wondering how to keep that childlike creative process while my paintings become more and more detailed and realistic.

Maybe I’m going to reach a compromise. My dolls and some of my paintings will remain naive and child like, while I ask my inner child to remind me of her freedom while I sharpen my skills and paint in a new direction.

I’ll show you very soon how it goes, because I am working on a painting that will need both, Danita the serious artist and little Danita the naive child.