I am SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL to every single person who has donated to my nephew’s fundraiser that I am typing this note with a heart that is exploding with joy. You have no idea what it means to be to feel loved on these dark times. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read all about what is going on on my latest blog post, CAPUT MORTUUM.

Both the Fund Raising Sale and the GoFundMe campaign have been receiving sales and donations, so much that I decided to extend the fundraiser sale on my online shop until 07/22 to continue raising funds to help pay for my Nephew’s medical bills.

To continue with the extended part of the fundraiser, I am releasing a collection of TOTALLY NEW PRODUCTS on my shop. I was planning to make a big announcement about it, but you know, life gets in the way, plans change and I decided to tell you about it today. Are you ready?



Collection of hand made ceramic wax resists and glazed food safe bowls for pets and kitchen by Idania Salcido, the artist behind Danita Art

Ceramics has always been my end goal in art. I am in love with the concept of transforming something as simple and humble as clay into a beautiful work of art using only the four elements: EARTH and WATER help you build your dreams, then FIRE and AIR turn them into an object that you can touch and enjoy. And, in my case, everything is coalesced by the fifth element: LOVE for what you do.

Ceramic stackable bowls and tumblers in original one of a kind artistic carving birds, flowers and cats by Idania Salcido, the artist behind Danita Art

I really can’t find anything more poetic in this transformation. It’s been a long dream for me to be able to make my own pottery. And today, I am very happy to announce that finally, this dream is coming true.

Custom made face primitive folk art ceramic original artwork bowl by Idania Salcido, the artist behind Danita Art

That’s why I am releasing my first pieces ever to you, my friends and art patrons. Made with locally foraged clay and with a warm, fuzzy and intentionally handmade look that makes them very easy to love them at first sight. I am very happy to share with you the joy I get when I make them, and I hope you can see the love I put in each one of them. They mean a lot to me, and it’s a big step for me to let you seem them today.

A Beautiful original carved bunny rabbit home ceramic bowl created by Idania Salcido the Artist behind Danita Art

I was hoping to release them in a bigger announcement where I told you the story in depth on how I started with this, but, like I mentioned before, life got in the way.

Today, I’m showing them to you, hoping that you can adopt one of them so that I can help my little nephew and his parents on an uphill battle. He’s doing much better every day, and I’m happy to be able to do a little bit to make his fight a win.



I really hope you like my latest art adventure. Starting over, learning and experimenting when I’ve been doing art for 15 years was not easy. But I have found find the journey extremely rewarding.

Touching the clay, painting and sculpting the pieces and then watching them glow red in the kiln before they are cooled down and again and waiting for the results of my hard and loving work is a source of joy to my artist’s core.

I really hope that new beginning is blessed by your love and support. It is for a great cause. And I hope that every time you touch and use one of my pieces, I will bring back the same joy and love to your life.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


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