Me and my cats

I had not painted in a while, and I had not done mixed media collage in a LONG time, and I felt the urge to paint, so I decided to create a new series of paintings and thought it would be fun to go back to my old style for a while. And I loved the results.

Cats have always been part of my art, I love to watch them move graciously, their eyes full of wisdom and their tiny little noses and all that makes cat mysterious and beautiful. My latest series was inspired by some of my cats, their markings and their personalities, and I will be opening commissions for your own cat on my style if you like what you see. Just drop me a line for your very own cat!

So, without further ado, let me show you the first three cat paintings:

LOKI. 6″ x 8″ Inches Mixed Media on Wood Panel

CLOUD. 6″ x 8″ Inches Mixed Media on Wood Panel

ECHO. 6″ x 8″ Inches Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Do you like them? I hope so! Let me tell you a little more about them… I’ve always been kind to animals, but I was always afraid of them in one way or another. A long, long time ago now, I used to be terrified of dogs. There was no way I would get close to one, much less pet it. Then, one day my beloved Lennon came along and it changed my world. I loved dogs. They are great friends!

Then, it was cats. Although they’ve always been on my art, I never had a cat before in my life and I thought they were beautiful, but distant aloof creatures that would not make good pets, but I was so wrong.

My daughter got an emotional support cat last year and we fall in love with it, it was a cuddly monster that was always looking up to her. Until one day, he suddenly died. We were devastated and she asked for another cat, so we got Echo, the tuxedo cat.

He’s cool and acts like a cat. But in that, I discovered they have very deep personalities and bond with their owners. He too, loves my daughter and spends time with her, and I really like him.

Then, one night on thanksgiving, we heard noises in our door and a black, hungry cat was standing in our door. He decided that he was going to live with us and nothing would stop him. So, we adopted him and called him Loki, God of Mischief. And he’s the greatest cat ever.

He lets my son pick him up like a rag doll and pet him all he wants. He loves to watch me work on my art, and follows me everywhere around the house, and I really, really like him. He’s so majestic with his black fur and his silent steps, it’s like having a living sculpture walking around me.  He made me fall in love with cats.

And that’s why we also adopted more stray cats. There’s Missy, the neighbor’s cat that decided our porch is the greatest place to hang out and now she has a water and a food bowl and a corner to sleep in.

There’s Tailess, a white cat with a stubby tail and tabby markings that started to hang around and is slowly warming up to us. There’s also food and water for Tailess to hang around.

And then, there’s Cloud. An tiny pure white kitten that is living in our tool and water boiler shed. We hear it meowing and see it bolt in and out of there in search for food and we also started feeding it, and as soon as we can catch him will probably be our next adopted cat.

I guess you can say that I am cat lady now. It makes me happy to see them hang around my house and wait for me to feed them, and I love to see my inside cats move like ballerinas and sleep in my reading chair. They are all part of my furry family, and they make me very, very happy.

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