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Watercolor painting of Little Red Riding Hood by Danita Art. The whole fairy tale of a girl going deep in the forest to visit Grandmother and escaping the big bad wolf is skillfully told on this original painting.

Join EVER AFTER 2019 Today and paint with me!

I teamed up with Tamara Laporte to participate on an amazing online workshop designed to teach you new art techniques as we develop your creativity.

EVER AFTER 2019 takes you on a journey through art by the hand of the most beautiful fairy tales, told by 17 amazing artists and our creative lessons.

Little red Riding Hood's house on a detail of a watercolor painting by Danita Art.


I will teach you, step by step, how create beautiful images using watercolor techniques that I use every time I create a new painting.

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The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood runs free on an original watercolor painting by Danita Art.

Little details tell a story

The big bad wolf is not so bad once you learn my side of the story.

Like a lot of things, every story has two sides and we will explore them as we lay our paint on the wet paper.
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Magic Mushrooms in watercolor grow on the deep forest woodlands garden of Danita's watercolor paintings.

Enjoy the art of 17 instructors

My lesson is not the only one on this amazing workshop!

16 More artists are waiting for you to learn with us and develop your own artist’s voice.

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Danita Art and 17 more artists teach an online painting and creativity online class called EVER AFTER 2019

I really hope you can join us on this amazing online workshop. This is the second time I participate and it’s been a wonderful experience.

This is also the last time this class will be taught, 2019 is the last EVER AFTER… Ever!

So, don’t wait and head out to the sign up page, it’s going to be a journey you will remember for a very long time!

See you there!!

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