Free motion stitching embroidery sewing textile fiber arts by Danita.

New Free Motion Embroidery Art!

In search of new ideas.

Lately I’ve been in search of new ideas, new horizons and places to expand by artistic self, and in the process I’ve been experimenting a lot.

But also on that exploration, I’m going back to my early roots. It’s always a source of comfort to be back where one started.

Remembering my skills.

So… My sewing machine was busy doing lots of things for a project I’m working on (I’ll tell you very soon about it) when I decided to give free motion stitching embroidery a go after a looooong time without doing it.

I took some of my Japanese handmade paper that one of my beloved friends and fans sent me as a gift and I set out make art. Starting with a sketch, I trace the outlines on vintage papers, and I use my sewing machine to sew layers of paper to create a beautiful image.

Once the sewing is done… it’s time to paint! Adding watercolor details to these vintage looking images is super fun, and I sure enjoyed bringing the initial free motion stitching sketch into full life with colors.


And I loved the results! It’s always so satisfying to see my ideas come to fruition just as they were in my mind. I love the texture of watercolor over the paper, and how leaving loose strands on the illustration make theme live and dynamic.

I am getting A LOT of positive feedback on these new works! I love working with this technique, you can create a lot of different effects with it and it’s easy to learn. It has a very special place in my heart, because it was one of the first classes that I taught.

That made me wonder if you would be interested in a class to teach you how to make them?

Would you like to take a class on free motion embroidery?

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