Ghosts from a distant past

Inspiration arrives when you least expect it.I love it when inspiration finds me on the least expected places. This time I was found by it while I was browsing trough a collection of vintage pictures that begged me to turn them into watercolor paintings.

The importance of playing with your materials.

I used to save all my good materials for a time when it was worth it using, and in the process, I let a lot of great materials go to waste just because I did not want to risk using them in something that would not be epic.

And in the process, I learned that the best time to use your materials is NOW. I used my best watercolors to create a couple of images inspired by the voices of ghosts from a distant past.

Inspiration can find you anywhere.
You better be ready.

I was looking to be found by inspiration on my studio (Which, according to my family, has an uncanny resemblance to goofing off) and I started looking at vintage images. They have always fascinated me, little snippets of lives in a distant past. It’s like hearing the voices of ghosts telling me about their days, their friends, lovers and more.

That’s when my inspiration goddess hit me. I got my watercolors, my brushes and I started to work. I wanted to play with that idea, and watercolor was going to be the perfect medium for it.

I set out to draw them with just shapes instead of copying their faces. The pictures I was looking at come from 100 years ago or more, so the life stories from every person in them are now diluted in time, blurry between legend and facts and I wanted to reflect that on the paintings.

Success! I love them!

And it worked! I loved the way they look, and how with a little paint blotches and stains I was able to keep their expressions.

And you liked them too! I got a lot of comments on my Instagram and Facebook telling me how you love them, and how they remind you of your own history.


Both paintings are now available on my official website (And my Etsy shop if you prefer it) and ready to be taken home by you. I will be definitively making more.

Now, go find your own inspiration!

I hope you liked my new paintings. They were fun to make and I love sharing a bit of the process with you, I gives a little backstory to each painting so you know more about it when you take it home.

And I too hope that sharing a little of the process helps you find your own inspiration to create beautiful things!

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