HAPPY 2019!


How are you?! I hope you are having a wonderful start of the year. I got to visit my parents and spent Christmas with them, so nice to be able to spend time with them and talk and talk and talk until the late hours of night, and I decided to stay home for the New year with my own family. It was a quiet New Year’s eve here, but we got to be together and watched movies cuddled up in our bed. It sure makes for memories I will treasure when everyone grows up and they won’t be with me all the time.

2018 Was a very interesting year for me.

Moving back to my old house and making do with what we have now was difficult in the beginning. Honestly, I felt like a huge failure and it started reflecting on my work, I could not feel inspired as much as I did because I could not let go.

But with time, I’m learning that home is not a place, but a feeling. It’s the place where you are with the ones you love and love you back, where your family bonds grow and where you feel comfortable and cozy.

Now I am making an extra effort to make our house our home again and I am in love with the process. I got the downsizing bug and I started getting rid of the thingsĀ  I own that do not make me happy, and it’s been liberating.

I’m not only de-cluttering my house, but also I am de-cluttering my mind and my heart, and it feels great getting rid of everything that does not make you happy. It’s opened me up to more love and creativity to start the new year.

I want to thank you for your never ending support, and I hope you find lots of love and joy in this 2019!!!

Happy New Year!


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