Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with you and your loved ones!

I cooked a turkey and went to the movies to see the latest in the Harry potter series. I loved it!

You may be wondering why there is no turkey on my pic…. My son is learning to do embroidery at school and he made me this pouch. It’s a peacock (His favorite animal!) and he made it for thanksgiving because they are related to turkeys, so he thought it was a very appropriate gift…. Gotta love him!!

I just wanted to let you know I’m so very thankful for being there and supporting my work. I would not be there without your love. It means everything to me and I am forever grateful for the opportunity you give me to continue doing what I love.

Have wonderful holiday weekend!!!!



Specimen N.12. The last moth.

Making them was a wonderful experience. I used new materials, new techniques and as always, put my soul into them.

I loved seeing them flutter around the studio and see each one of them fly away to their forever homes.

But she stayed. She is very happy to keep me company on my creative nights and my everyday afternoons, but winter is coming around soon and she will need to go to a warmer place. Rules of life I guess.

She’s made me think a lot about that, specially as I watch my kids play in the living room and how they are growing. First it was wood blocks, then my little pony and action figures, and now videogames.

They are happy and make me happy, but like this little doll, there will come the time for them to leave¬†too. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but accepting it makes me wiser.

Will you adopt her?

The 2019 Calendar is here!

Yay! I just finished choosing the images I wanted to use for the 2019 Danita desk calendar and I am so happy!

This year I chose a series of watercolor portraits with different themes represented in their hair. Each one as unique as the month they represent, they will brighten your days all year long with their beautiful faces.

Want to see the complete set? Visit my online gallery and order your calendar today! It’s a limited edition and will be available only for a short time.